OSPN Project FAQ

Here’s how you can pledge your support.

The On Site Pool Network Project creatively assists Network Contributors to promote live broadcasts completely free and open to the public. Instead of family members, friends, co-workers, and fans having to pay up-front for a live broadcast (PPV) they can catch it for free when it airs. When previously live streamed footage is recorded by Network Contributors, a 30-day license may be required for it to be watched again. Respectfully, On Site Pool Network also assists Pool Players depicted in live streams and recordings to earn residual income from purchased 30-day licenses. Even though purchasing a 30-day license is optional, it excitingly grants access to all previously live streamed footage recorded for on-demand regardless of the network contributor in the highest quality throughout the entire network. Network Contributors and Pool Players receive up to 80% of revenues from 30-day licenses purchased. A 30-day license is valid until it is renewed (some automatically and can be cancelled anytime). Only 1 30-day license at a time is required for simplicity and convenience.

What to expect watching as a guest (not registered or logged-in)

When viewing publicly licensed material, whether it be a live stream or an on-demand video, if you’re not logged-in or have not registered an account, video quality is reduced to 426x240p resolution. (Simulcasts abroad may have no sound or a customized audio loop track to ensure copyright compliance) Additionally, if a live stream is currently being aired, not being logged-in or registred will prevent you from responding to comments in live chat rooms. You will only be able to see comments by others in read-only mode.

I’m registered and I’m logged in. What’s next?

Thank you for creating an account with On Site Pool Network. Having an account and being logged in with that account is the first step in easily connecting to the network in the future, plus accessing basic features. You will immediately notice improvement in the video quality of publicly licensed live streams and on-demand videos up to 640x360p resolution. Sound from locations or commentary can be heard as well. Also, you will be able to communicate with others in live chat rooms publicly or privately. If you wish to pick an anonymous nickname to be displayed in the chat room, simply edit your account profile from the top menu bar.

Important: To view live streams or on-demand videos in the highest available resolution requires purchasing either a public or private 30-day license explained below.

Which 30-day license should I purchase?

Thank you for your willingness to monetarily support Pool Players, Network Contributors, and On Site Pool Network. There are two 30-day licenses available. $12.00 USD per month or $6.00 USD per month. At this time, only the $12.00 USD per month 30-day license can be offered at a discounted rate by purchasing 3, 6 or 12 months up front. Depending on the discounted $12.00 USD licensing plan you choose to purchase, a $0.50 USD per month discount is applied. For example: Purchasing a 12 month (1 year) license up front will average $10.00 USD monthly; 6 months? $10.50 USD monthly, and 3 months? $11.00 USD monthly. For your convenience the 3, 6 or 12 month discounted licenses are a 1 time payment and will never renew automatically. If you choose the single month $12.00 USD or $6.00 USD 30-day license, it will automatically renew until you physically cancel.

Difference Between $12.00 USD and $6.00 USD 30-day licenses: Network Contributors have control to make their live stream or on-demand videos public or private. In video libraries you will notice live streams or on-demand videos marked publicly licensed or privately licensed. $12.00 USD 30-day private license holders have access to both publicly or privately licensed live streams or on-demand videos in the highest quality. $6.00 USD 30-day public license holders only have access to publicly licensed live streams and on-demand videos in the highest quality. You will be notified by an on screen message if the license you hold is sufficient to continue.

Where’s the button or link to purchase a 30-day license?

You may be confused where to purchase a 30-day license which is understandable. You can initiate a 30-day license purchase while you are logged-in from any live stream or on-demand video. This ensures the network functions properly so data collected during any 30-day license purchase is a success for Network Contributors and Pool Players. They are excited to see 30-day licenses purchased to support their hard work and effort in the sport of billiards. Thank you.

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    How many live pool streams will joining SPN give me access to?

    • Goldy Post author

      Hi Jim… All our live streams are normally free unless a network contributor elects to do a members only stream. Your monthly pledge grants you access to all past recordings on all websites… To see what your monthly commitment will access, please visit http://www.poolvidy.com

  2. stanfield

    Hey goldy if l could how can I watch my one pocket match at Billy Mac’s from earlier

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